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Welcome to Fish Beach Taverna, a captivating restaurant nestled by the azure waters of Dubai Marina, offering a delightful culinary voyage to the enchanting Aegean Sea. Step into a world of seaside charm and Mediterranean flavors, where the gentle sea breeze carries the scents of the ocean and the sun-kissed earth.
Beach Tavern at the Edge of Dubai
  • 9AM - 12PM Breakfast (Saturday & Sunday)
  • 12PM - 4PM Lunch
  • 6PM - 11PM Dinner

Food & Drink Favourties

  • Fish Menu
    Food Menu
    Transport your taste buds to the sun-kissed shores of the Aegean with our delectable menu featuring a tantalizing array of Mediterranean delights. From fresh seafood to crusty baklavas
    Food Menu
  • Fish Drinks Menu
    Drinks Menu
    Quench your thirst and elevate your dining experience with our Aegean-inspired drinks menu. Discover a refreshing array of Mediterranean libations, from zesty citrus-infused cocktails to crisp and cool wines that perfectly complement our coastal cuisine
    Drinks Menu
  • Desserts
    Have you tried our traditional homemade walnut baklava? It's a treat when served with vanilla ice cream. This and many more are in store for you inside our delicious desserts menu.
  • Turkish Lunch

    Turkish Lunch

    Experience the tastes of the Turkish Coast with our all-you-can-eat brunch! Delight in a set menu of 12 dishes, including 4 cold mezze, 3 hot starters, 6 mains, and 2 desserts, all for just AED 199 per person.

  • Sip & Sea

    Sip & Sea

    Dive into a bucket of succulent mussels or flavorful shrimps. perfectly paired with your choice of complimentary bottle of our finest house rosé or white wine. 

    AED 249 per person